Urban Areas & Buildings 
In our increasingly built-up environment, the design of new urban areas and buildings needs careful consideration.
Economic, sustainable growth, responsible use of space, raw materials, accessibility and the interaction between people and the environment are just some of the key areas our civil engineers and town planners can help you negotiate.

Striving to deliver “responsible solutions for people and the environment”, Royal Haskoning welcomes new opportunities to work with both public and private sectors.

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Whether new or old, buildings can invoke feelings of pride or distain, often depending on their design, position and accessibility.

Royal Haskoning specialises in all facets of building design and construction, from brand new state of the art office buildings to restoring listed historical structures. We provide services to support clients at all stages throughout the project lifecycle, from project management and planning through to feasibility studies and detailed design. Read more

Regeneration and development (urban areas & development)

The environment in which we live and work defines our sense of place and community. We recognise that economic, social, political and environmental landscapes are complex and vary from site to site and region to region. Our experts are skilled at managing regeneration processes and work closely with our clients to develop a vision and framework for design and economic viability that supports local communities and sustainable development projects. Read more


With climate change firmly at the top of the world’s economic, social and political agenda, heads of companies must ensure their businesses are eco friendly and sustainable in order to continue to attract socially conscious customers, staff, investors and business associates. Read more


Robust, sustainable and well designed transport networks are vital to a strong global economy in the 21st century. Read more

Urban infrastructure

Every town and city is a living, breathing, evolving entity and as our population increases year on year, the demand for land to be set aside for new industrial and residential development increases. Read more