Water and Environment 
Efficient, responsible and safe use of space and water within our vulnerable environment makes for a sustainable future. Royal Haskoning takes an integrated approach to plans and projects in the areas of coastal, river and spatial development, water management and water treatment.

It’s common knowledge that our relentless desire for advancement is taking its toll on our environment.  Addressing how we can reduce our impact on the planet is top of the agenda for most forward thinking governments today.  In our every day lives, there is increasing need for individuals and organisations to take responsibility for their carbon footprint.  As a world leader in industry, energy, transport and construction, environmental policy and risk management is at the heart of everything we do. Calling on the vast experience and expertise within our different disciplines, we help local governments and businesses assess the impact of proposed projects on the environment, society, health and safety.

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Climate Change

There is no longer any reasonable doubt that the climate is changing. As a direct result of human activity, industrial and everyday domestic emissions of greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere at an increasing rate. Projections of the impact this will have on global climate, and therefore on our society, economy, and wider environment, are becoming more and more refined. Read more

Environmental Assessment and Management

The complexity and range of environmental impacts, coupled with the increasing pressures of legislation, customer expectation and greater public awareness, means a systematic, fact-based approach is required to control an organisation’s impact on the environment and satisfy its environmental obligations.  Read more

Environmental policy and strategy

Drawing on our knowledge and expertise across our range of environmental services, we work closely with individual clients to shape a strategy that suits their environmental aspirations and objectives, taking account of an organisation’s corporate social responsibilities, public image, legislative obligations, and any associated risks and liabilities. Read more

Flood and coastal risk management

Extensive flooding experienced in recent years has highlighted the real risk to many low lying areas, as such the risk of erosion to our coast has also increased. Read more

Water cycle management

Water cycle strategies are used to plan and programme water services infrastructure. These are achieved by assessing the environment and infrastructure capacity for water supply, sewage disposal, flood risk management and surface water drainage. We are currently undertaking a number of these studies across the UK.  Read more

Water structures

We undertake detailed evaluations of requirements and site conditions to select the most appropriate solution and take into account the long term use and on-going maintenance of the structure. Our engineers provide our clients with the data to make informed choices regarding finance and operational requirements throughout the design process and the life of their assets. Read more