Royal Haskoning in the UK 

In the UK, Royal HaskoningDHV has a prestigious pedigree, dating back to the early 1940s when Guy Maunsell and John Posford founded GA Maunsell and Partners. Richard Pavry joined the firm in 1946, and the company was renamed Maunsell, Posford and Pavry in 1949. Both Posford and Maunsell were involved in numerous projects for both the Royal Navy and the Army in the form of inshore forts and floating docks.

The firm split in two in 1955 leading to the formation of Posford Pavry & Partners. The firm moved its headquarters from London to Peterborough in 1973. In 1983 WH Radford & Son of Nottingham (founded in 1885) was incorporated into the firm, and 1987 saw the merger with Lewis and Duvivier (founded in 1881) to form Posford Duvivier.

In 1992 TF Burns and Partners (founded 1947) merged with Posford Duvivier and two years later Royal Haskoning acquired the company. In 2001 Posford Duvivier changed to Posford Haskoning, a company of Royal Haskoning and in January 2005 Posford Haskoning became known as Royal Haskoning.

In 2012 Royal Haskoning and DHV merged to form Royal HaskoningDHV, bringing together over 6,500 staff across 35 countries.

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