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CDOG - Culvert Design and Operational Guidance
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Climate change and the increasing number of major flood events over the last few years have raised awareness of the critical importance of reducing flood risk. The effective management of water flow and drainage, including the construction and maintenance of well designed culverts, is just as important as large scale coastal and river defences.

Used for channelling water, culverts can be built under roads, pathways, railways, embankments and other structures which can block the natural path of water drainage. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small drainage culverts found on roads and pathways to large diameter structures on significant waterways or other engineering works. Tens of thousands of culverts in the UK need maintaining, repairing or refurbishing and significant numbers of culverts are constructed each year.

In England, the consenting and enforcing role for new culverts, weirs, or similar obstacles to water courses has historically been the responsibility of the Environment Agency and Internal Drainage Boards. However, on 1 April 2012 the consenting and enforcement responsibility relating to ordinary watercourses passes to Upper tier Local Authorities (Lead Local Flood Authorities) under a provision in the Floods and Water Management Act of 2010. They are also required to use their new role for improving the environmental performance of watercourses and associated structures such as culverts, potentially restoring them back to a more natural state.

Culverts may seem to be simple structures, but they can restrict water flow if not maintained efficiently, possibly cause flooding, or adversely impact the environment in other ways. CIRIA’s new Culvert Design and Operation Guide (CDOG) recognises that the UK has a legacy of culverts that have to be properly maintained, and adopts a whole-life approach with a focus on whole life asset management, as compared to the previous guide that focused on the design of new culverts .

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