Robust, sustainable and well designed transport networks are vital to a strong global economy in the 21st century.

Ensuring people and goods are transported safely, economically and with minimum impact on the environment, are of paramount importance. Fuel prices, traffic congestion and the impact of motor emissions on our environment are influencing our society’s need for more efficient methods of transport that don’t empty our wallets or damage our planet.

Latest research and advanced technology in this area enables our consultants to provide best advice surrounding all aspects of road and railway transport, from reduction of traffic hazards and the introduction of cycle ways to improvements to car parking.

Our considerable experience in the design of cycle facilities throughout the Netherlands, alongside our UK experience in transport planning for new development, puts Royal Haskoning in a unique position.

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) - Transport Implications for New Development
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has been published which promotes development in locations which are, or can be made, sustainable.

Road Safety Audit (RSA)
Road Safety Audits encourage safe highway design which can can identify potential road safety related problems, which can reduce the potential for collisions.

VISSIM (Transport Planning)
We use VISSIM for a realistic, real time review of your transport planning project.

Travel Plans
Travel Plans are becoming increasingly important in the planning of new developments. Royal Haskoning produces sustainable travel plans that are effective and efficient in reducing car travel and promoting alternative modes of transport.

Transport Assessments
Transport Assessments are an essential part of a planning application. Royal Haskoning’s traffic engineers have over 30 years experience in performing transport assessments and bring specialist knowledge and expertise to their preparations

Our rail engineers are experienced in a wide range rail related projects from feasibility studies for high speed lines and passenger route upgrades, bridge design, development of depot facilities and heavy haul freight railways.

Manual for Streets 2
Royal Haskoning's transport planning experts recently attended the launch Manual for Streets2.

Highway & Infrastructure Design
Highway design has been carried out by Royal Haskoning for over 30 years. Our highly experienced staff specialise in detailed highway infrastructure and construction expertise for transport development projects.